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Chew Too Toys is proud to bring you the safest bird toys on the market today. We have 28 years of experience in the Pet Industry as Companion Bird Breeders and Pet Owners.

We started making toys in 1994 after purchasing toys from various manufactures for our Moluccans and Macaws. Finding many toys out there to be unsafe and not lasting more than a few days. We decided to make our own!


Our toys are interesting, safe, nontoxic and mentally stimulating to all companion & breeding birds. We use only the finest USDA non-toxic water soluble food coloring and dye all our own wood toy parts to avoid bacteria and mold. The wood used on our toys is natural hardwoods and ironwood. On some of the toys we use a soft pine or aspen to encourage chewing for grooming purposes.

Our rope is 100% cotton and preservative free, manufacutured for birds, by bird people.

We use a wonderful variety of plastic parts that are human kid safe. These parts in recent years have been recommended by avain vets for variety. Only the best chromed welded chain and parts are used on our toys. The wire we use in a few our toys is Stainless Steel. NO ZINC!

  • Susan Buzzelli – owner
  • Jerry Buzzelli – without his talents none of this is possible
  • Keri Hansen – toy creator, website administrator, daughter and mother to my grandkids
  • Jessie – Photographer, catalog designer and great drill press operator
  • Amber – Rope and plastic chain cutter, great knot tier.
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