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I still personally like the aesthetic of wood look tile, and there are certain tips you can use to make them look even more like the real thing Kitchen Floor Tile at see below, but you’re never going to be able to replace the feel of real wood.  Wood like tile is a great choice for your home or business.   Each have their pluses and minuses, which is why we’re still vacillating and, frankly, why we haven’t started the project. With many of their wood tile flooring collections retailing for under $6 per square foot, Daltile offer a fairly affordable option and are widely available at tiling retailers across the country. i read a ton of reviews before I purchased it and I am impressed. Turns out most of our pieces were fine and I returned the overage no worries. Home Depot also accommodates all budgets with products priced between $2 and $13 per square foot and top brands including Ms International, Daltile, Marazzi and easer represented as well as their exclusive Merola Tile see brand info below which has those clever parquet-style wood look ceramic tiles. Well, we have had the floors in for a while now and we could not be happier. Grand Design Co – Read why you might want to consider getting an installation quote before tackling the job yourself. Uses of Wood Plank Porcelain Tile Because of wood plank porcelain’s high durability, it is a tile that is able to be used both indoors and outdoors. We were unable to identify your local store.

For an authentic look, it’s important to install the tile so it reveals only minimal grout lines and to use grout that blends seamlessly with the tile. Wood plank porcelain flooring is the perfect solution as it looks impeccably like hard wood but requires the minimal maintenance of porcelain tile. We have a engaged family. This process can be difficult and is often best left to a professional, which will add to the overall price of the flooring. And as any home-owner knows, whatever kind of floor you have it needs to be properly cleaned and maintained, so the argument that ceramic wood tile is an easy-clean solution is not so clear cut; this is particularly true in this day and age when there is a vast range of cleaning products and tools to match each specific type of flooring. Three kids, oldest is 9 and youngest is 9 months, and two big wild dogs Chocolate Lab and Australian Shepherd. April 8, 2014 Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by karlson5 Absolutely THRILLED with the results! Gorgeous, easy to clean, feels good under foot.

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The great thing about these floors is because they’re porcelain, they’re super easy to work with, unlike natural stone which can be a mother for the dicer. Accent wall: Because porcelain is one of the lightest weight tiles, wood plank porcelain tile is an excellent choice for an accent wall in any room of your home. After little deliberation, we headed to Home Depot where we saw these tiles on display and knew right away that this will be the right choice for us. I have cats, and this is the choice to use when you have pets, trust me! Ceramic versus porcelain tile – Wood look tile is available as either ceramic or porcelain.  Porcelain tiles that look and feel like wood create an ideal flooring choice that will keep your home or office looking beautiful for years to come and also offer you the cost-effectiveness you want. Rectified – This means that the sides are all very smooth and uniform allowing you to butt each tile up as snugly as possible with the very smallest size of grout spacer.

April 9, 2015 Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Betsy Love it! This is porcelain tile that presents long board style that many looks for in a traditional wood floor in order to create fluidity in a space. As porcelain tiles move closer to natural products such as marble, travertine and hardwood, they can provide the look and feel of natural products without the worries that are associated with these other flooring types. I used 1/8 spacers and Sable non sanded grout and it looks amazing. The aesthetic here is quiet class, and this is best exemplified by the very clever wage collection, which presents a wood design showing the distinct cross-cut section of the sawn log. Please try again. Advanced ink jet printing techniques have made incredibly realistic wood graining complete with natural cracks and textures. Our contractor had a lot of experience with these tiles and he made the recommendation and it worked out quite well. The latest flooring trend is ceramic tile that, instead of being cold and neutral, bring warmth and beauty to your floors or walls as wood looking tile.